Swedish Massage
Relaxation therapy for improved circulation and stress reduction.

$45.00 - 30 minutes (30 minutes available only to clients who have never had a massage. First time massage only) 

$85.00 - 60 minutes

$129.00 - 90 minutes

**Add on additional 30 minutes $40.00

Deep Tissue Massage
A deep reaching massage for targeted release of
 stubborn knots and muscle tension 

$100 - 60 minutes

$150 - 90 minutes

Decompression Therapy / Cupping Massage

$90.00 - 60 minutes

$135.00 - 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage
Stone therapy is combined with traditional Swedish massage to dissolve tension and induce deep relaxation. 

$100.00 - 60 minutes

Pre Natal Massage
A perfect massage for the expectant mother using gentle massage techniques to provide overall relaxation. 

$85.00 - 60 minutes

Scalp Massage
A very relaxing massage which helps to stimulate blood flow and relieve pain associated with headaches, migraines and sinus conditions

$45.00 - 30 minutes

*Add Aromatherapy to any massage - $10.00

*Add Cupping to any massage - $25.00

Body Treatments


Sugar Scrub - $95.00

Pick one:  back, hands, or feet. Exfoliate your stress and dead skin away. Some of the many benefits of exfoliating are improved blood circulation, removes dead skin cells, regenerates new skin cells and it also helps to relieve stress. So scrub away!