Crissy Smith

Owner / Stylist / Colorist

25 Years experience in the Hair Industry. Born and raised in Tuscany Italy. Crissy began her hair career on Long Island NY. She assisted and translated for Milan Runway Stylist Antonio Marino at Maximus Hair Salon. While at Maximus, Crissy had the opportunity to do makeovers on the Sally Jesse Raphael Show in NYC among other network TV programs. Crissy moved to the Lehigh Valley in 2001, and is very excited to embark on this new endeavor of Belvidere Salon & Day Spa! Crissy has been married for 29 years to world renowned bass guitarist Greg Smith, and is also proud mom to our 18 year old daughter Alessia.

Kate Herburger


My name is Kate and I’m a 28 year old aesthetician with experience in all medical aesthetics. I’ve been an aesthetician for five years now and I love what I do. My goal is to help people feel naturally beautiful. You see, I’m incredibly breakout prone and always have been so I know the insecurities people struggle with. That is what motivated me to do what I do and be my best doing it.

Carlyn Turner

Massage Therapist

Michael Castel

Nail Tech

Michael has been in the nail industry for 7 years. He's a licensed nail tech, and also a certified Advanced Nail Technologist. This allows Michael to service diabetic clients and work on ingrown toenails. "I love doing nails! Nails are my passion! My main goal as a nail artist is to make my clients feel good about themselves and feel like family".